Sunday, August 7, 2011

I See... Using the Other to Deal With a Bad Day

Hi! I'm Richard T. I'm a blogger, father of two, husband of one, and a junkie. And I'm a Mormon.

The church has advertised as the new destination for members to post personal testimonies on the Savior's love and how it is expressed via the plan of salvation, His atonement on our behalf, and the restoration of the gospel. It is being touted as a vital resource for people investigating the church who want to meet a real live Mormon in their natural habitats.

The Mormon Third Eye, however, seeks all alternative angles. God, in his infinite wisdom, always has assigned at least two inspired purposes for any revealed program of the church, and is no exception. Besides being a great missionary tool, the personal profiles posted there serve another important purpose- to excite and inspire church members dealing with a bad day.

If life inside the LDS culture has become marginally boring, it's time to seek satisfaction from the testimonies of others living on the missionary edge. You don't have to believe me, however; you can learn for yourself on Access the webpage that allows you to sort and view profiles based on gender, age, racial background, and geographic location. Then execute a pull on all black males between the ages of 18 and 25 living in Africa. This search will produce an impressive collection of raw, simple, yet powerful testimonies of young male converts in Africa who are either preparing for a mission or have just returned from one. There are no Stake Relief Society dinners, home teaching reports, regional scouting conferences, or last-minute Primary teaching assignments; just pure testimony from valiant young men who have changed their lives in remarkable ways, and now they want to change yours. At no time since the beginning of time has a subset of God's children possessing so little worldly goods brazenly proclaimed to know something so important!

So, for a quick pick-me-up after an extra difficult day, spend just a few minutes at and let the professed beliefs of young LDS African-American males burn in your bosom. You'll feel a lot better when you are reminded that pure testimony does not depend solely on how much you know, but how deeply you know what you know.


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