Saturday, March 26, 2011

I See... Plain Thinking

The last five years of my life I've been doing a lot of plain thinking. Whether it's for work or for relatives; for a short hop to Boston, or an endurance run to Asia, I've been spending more time in a plane trapped with my thoughts. Even with the advent of modern communications, I still feel cloistered from the busy world below at 30,000 feet above. It is ironic that the faster I go the slower life feels.

An informal review of my last 191 posts revealed that a large number of the stories I'm particularly proud of were composed in the air. The only explanation for this is the reality that I'm closer to God in time (getting old quicker) and space (the sky) when I fly high. So, if you have an interest in being more edified by what the Third Mormon Eye offers, it's in your best interest for me to fly more often. Money is the only current limiting factor; donations will be graciously accepted.

I have even more clever plain thoughts to share but time is running short. I'm being told to put my tray table up in the locked position and stow away all electronic devices (my puny netbook barely qualifies); we're landing in Salt Lake in 15 minutes.

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