Sunday, March 6, 2011

I See... Going Through Hell

I know that this blog's mission statement emphasizes the positive aspects of what the Mormon Third Eye can see, so don't let this title mislead you. Going though hell can be a positive, uplifting experience if you are on the way to Heaven.

God designed Life in the Plan of Salvation to unfold this way; it's s result of the War in Heaven. There must be opposition in all things so that we may taste and recognize joy and happiness, and grow in the gospel. I bet it frustrates the heck out of Satan to know that his sinister work of tempting us with bad that appears good, and denting us with discouragement, is actually fulfilling a plan he works so hard to defeat.

The key is whether you are going THROUGH it or just TO it. It's okay to pass THROUGH Hell while we are on the way to Heaven. The key is not to stop there for gas or anything else we may think we need. God expects us to keep on going, even during the rough times.

Unfortunately, too many people are going TO Hell, which means that once they get there, they are renting an apartment, finding a job, and sometimes even raising a family. That's when you know you're losing the War in Heaven.

Fortunately, God created and raises us to be like him- winners. This knowledge of who we are and the Atonement allows us to pass through the twin hells of sin and hardship by repenting and enduring, and continuing on the road to Heaven.

Honk if you see me!

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