Sunday, February 27, 2011

I See... How to Deal With Bad Dreams

What makes a bad dream bad? By definition, it would be the opposite of good reality. The model Mormon member is taught and believes that good reality is when good wins and bad loses. Hence, for them, a bad dream is when bad wins and good loses. It doesn't make sense at all, which makes it a dream.

Hence, the only effective solution to combating the looming darkness that sticks with you after a particularly bad dream is to quickly and deeply imprint your mental senses with reality data where good wins and bad loses. Ironically, the fantasy world of classic television is the best place to find this type of reality data. Data like.. “The Rifleman! Starring Chuck Connors!”(anyone who has watched the show would that these are the first five words of the opening scene of each episode, accompanied by a few distinctive bars of music that can stick in your head much longer than any market-researched jingle)

In “”The Rifleman,” which ran on ABC from 1958 until 1963, humble rancher/deputy lawman Lucas McCain raises son Mark on his own in 1880's North Fork New Mexico. Lucas runs into all sorts of evils as a single father, rancher, and deputy sheriff, and in many (but not all) episodes, his quickness with a rifle solves all problems. In every episode, good ends up conquering evil, which is achieved in less than 25 minutes!

So... the next time your sonorous slumber is disturbed by a bad dream, access and call up a few episodes of “The Rifleman.” Flood your senses with righteous plots of humble, hard working farmers winning gunfights against thoroughly evil roving Mexican banditos, and angry injured Civil War veterans finding room in their hearts to forgive enemy soldiers that crippled them. Plant these seeds of good reality in the fertile ground of your psyche, and before you know it, you'll be back to sleep dreaming of the wrongs you'll be righting a few hours later when you wake up to start your day. A bad dream can't compete with frontier justice enforced by the barrel of a lightning-fast rifle!

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