Sunday, January 2, 2011

I See... New Things

It's a new year and time to see new things. Everyone will do something new this year. Someone will start a life, school, a job, a hobby, and even a relationship with someone else they can love The Mormon Third Eye specializes in seeing new things. What will it see this year? Who knows? If it told you now, it wouldn't be new...

Last year, however, the Mormon Third Eye saw something new that will now be new to those who read this- a new way for a man to win a wife. Most Mormon men invest huge amounts of money, time and energy into impressing a beautiful, charming, and intelligent Mormon woman with a testimony of the gospel that they are worth eternity. What they usually forget, however, is that before she was his girlfriend, date, or acquaintance, she was her mother's daughter, and will continue to be her mother's daughter long after she has her first fight with her husband over dirty socks on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink.

Last year the Mormon Third Eye saw one young man realize that if he wanted to get the girl, he would have to impress... the Mother. I'm sure many young Mormon men in love have fleeting moments of creativity when they think about impressing their future mothers-in-law, but I know that very few of them do very little about it. One young man, however, before he bought his future girl an expensive meal, a night at the theater, or a sparkly shiny ring, bought his future girl's mother a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Those flowers eventually bloomed into a mother who wanted her daughter to be happy with a man who had respect for mothers. The mother got what she wanted, and so did the clever young man.

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