Monday, October 4, 2010

I See... When What We Hear is More Important Than What They Say

I heard Elder Oaks instruct saints in a stake conference many moons ago that “what I say is not as important as what you hear.” This succinct and thought-provoking statement has moved me to many rounds of deep thinking about how I well I prepare myself to receive inspired counsel in church meetings.

Hence, during conference sessions, the spiritual food we extract from messages are more important than the messages themselves or the leaders that deliver them.

So, did...

Elder Holland pour out his heart in gratitude for our sacrifice and service, or merely deliver a list of how members serve?

Elder Costa inspire us to follow the prophet, or merely teach a Sunday School lesson on prophets in a funny accent?

Elder Uctdorf urge us to seek soulful simplicity, or merely employ another aviation allegory!

Elder Scott instruct us on how character and faith interact to produce gospel integrity, or merely deliver just another plea for us to repent?

Elder Nelson unfold the mysteries of missionary work to our view, or just try to impress us with impressive statistics on worldwide missionary work?

President Monson challenge us to make right, responsible choices and deal constructively with the results, or merely criticize us for making bad decisions?

What did you hear?

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