Sunday, July 4, 2010

I See... Freedom Fighters

When most of us hear about “Freedom Fighters,” I'm sure we conjure up in today's minds small bands of hairy, wild eyed radicals armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, secreted in wilderness caves or camps, waiting to launch surprise attacks against an evil, oppressive power ruling the people with an iron hand. These Freedom Fighters liberate captive masses.

We should not forget, however, that everyone reading this post is a freedom fighter. According to God's great plan of happiness, set in motion before the foundations of the world were formed, God's spirit children fought the War in Heaven on behalf of freedom. Those who fought to defend the Saviour's plan, granting mankind the opportunity to freely make right choices that ensures them more freedom, were rewarded with the gift of coming to earth and obtaining a body. Those who supported Satan's plan that would have forced us to act were denied the privilege of an earthly existence.

The War in Heaven between good and bad, between choice and force, rages on today. There are dictatorial regimes that vainly seek to replicate Satan's plan and totally control their citizens. All of us, however, are freedom fighters who defend our divine right to seek more freedom through making right choices. We do this by campaigning against substances and activities that enslave us and rob us of our ability to make right choices, such as addictions to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and pornography. By keeping these corrosive elements out of our families and homes, we ensure our progeny opportunities to make more right choices.

So if you have read this far, I say unto you now... CHARGE!

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