Sunday, July 18, 2010

I See... the Best Ward in the Church

If you really want to determine the best ward in the church, there are two proven methods- the scientific method, and the spiritual method. The Mormon Third Eye will provide a brief explanation of both approaches, allowing you to choose.

The Scientific Approach

This option is labor-intensive but has been known to work effectively when applied in some form in the business world. It involves smart market research. One could visit all 28,424 LDS congregations and, based on your current life stage, seek answers to the following questions:

Newlywed/nearly dead ward?
How big is your primary/young men/young women/ young single adult/single adult/ program?
Do they start/end on time?
Boring speakers that deliver travelogues and thankfulmonies instead of scriptural-based talks and testimonies of Christ?
Do they permit/require adults pass the sacrament?
Is the Bishop too old/young?
Padded seats or hard pews?
Does the ward appear to be too rich or poor for your blood?
Are there too many or not enough opportunities to serve in ward/stake callings?
What about the cars in parking lot- SUVs? Mormon Mini-vans? Convertibles or rustbuckets?

All of these questions can probably be answered by making snap judgments of what can be observed in a sacrament meeting. Employing a 10% sampling technique (hey, it's good enough for tithing) and visiting three sacrament meetings every Sunday, you could be finished in almost 20 years.

Furthermore, with the permission of church authorities, you could add to your analysis supporting statistics:

sacrament meeting attendance
home/visiting teaching percentages
percentage of full tithepayers
percentage of temple recommend holders.

After sorting through responses to all the questions and running the numbers, I'm confident we could identify one outstanding ward, and I suspect it would surface somewhere in the Mountain West region.

The Spiritual Approach

The spiritual method is much easier. All you have to do is attend sacrament meeting in the ward where you live and humbly seek personal revelation as you partake of the sacrament. Elder Jensen a few weeks ago taught us that the purpose of any meeting is for participants to receive revelation. If this happens in the sacrament meeting you attend, then, at that moment, for your personal circumstances, it is the best ward in the church for you.

Which method will you choose?

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