Saturday, March 27, 2010

I See... The Kitchen Fairy

I live in a house full of fairies. A few years ago I blogged about the amazing work of the “Laundry Fairy,” a mysterious and beneficient being who magically turns my dirty, stinky, wrinkly clothes randomly wadded in the clothes hamper into bright, clean, and smartly stacked apparel lovingly arranged in my drawers and closets. It turns out that there is another fairy working her magic in our house; I've discovered the existence of a “Kitchen Fairy,” and just like the help I received from readers to figure out the Laundry Fairy, I respectfully request your assistance again in in unmasking the true identity of this new visitor. Here are the circumstances and evidence I've compiled so far:

Circumstances way beyond my control recently forced me to add part-time evening employment to my packed agenda of daily accomplishments. Hence I often come home late nights with an empty head that is too busy thinking about when I'll get my next wink of sleep to remember to worry about more important duties, such as supporting my wife's eternal struggle to keep a clean kitchen. Soon after my daughter returned from Utah, however, I began returning in the evening to detect a remarkable sparkle in the kitchen. Clean pots, pans, plates, and other paraphenalia required to prepare and consume edibles began to magically appear in our kitchen cabinets. Counters that I had just ruthlessly scarred with day-old spaghetti sauce and stir-fry remnants that morning had been wiped clean with absolutely no effort on my part.

One early morning I left a particularly impressive collection of breakfast crumbs on the kitchen table, only to come back that same evening and discover that the mess had been removed with prejudice and replaced with a small carefully crafted floral arrangement. Perhaps if I was home more often, there would be more time to set a trap for the Kitchen Fairy and catch her in the act. Applying my superior analytical abilities, however, I narrowed down the options to two reasonable explanations: 1) I was starring in my own personal animated Disney classic where where flatware, dishes, and other culinary contraptions had sprung to life, cleaned themselves, and walked into the cupboards on their own, or 2) a kitchen fairy was making regular visits.

Please help me discover the Kitchen Fairy's true identity so that I can reward her with the personal praise she deserves.

Wait a minute- one more critical clue- just a few days ago, at the close of a particularly action-packed day, I actually found a handwritten note lazily laid on top of my bed pillow. It said:

“You do a great job of being there for us, and working hard to support us! Keep up the good work!


The Kitchen Fairy.”

I love fairies.

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  1. When you figure out the identity of the Kitchen Fairy could you PLEASE send them to my house for a while?