Sunday, May 31, 2009

I See... Going Green

When self-selected well-meaning budding environmentalists want to come out of the consumer closet and seek a higher order of commitment to mother earth, they proclaim that they are “going green.” It is definitely the cool, trendy thing to do. Even our current president is teaching us that going green is not only the right thing to do, it will also save our economy.

The Mormon Third Eye, however, views “going green” on a much more expansive scale. Why? Because most efforts to “go green” are merely narrow, one-dimensional attempts to sooth sensitive social consciousness. Going green should be a comprehensive multi-dimensional effort synthesizing green elements from all sources.

I propose going green all the way, all the time, instead of limiting efforts to the environment. I'll try to set the example by doing the following:

First, I will commit myself to going green by recycling all my trash and composting food waste. Then I will seek more “green” (money) by selling my recycled trash and compost. Then I will become green with envy as I watch my neighbor make more money than I do in less time by selling his recycled trash and compost for more money than I do. To sooth my envy, I will find two “greenies,” those who are new to environmental movement; we will paint our skin surfaces green, and we will form an eclectic performing trio called the “Green Man Group.” We will sing songs about the environment, covetousness, and the newness of life, and we hold a command performance on St. Patrick's Day.

Is that green enough for you?

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