Saturday, February 28, 2009

I See... Dan the Mailman

It's pretty normal to give your mailman hundreds, maybe even thousands, of letters a year, but how often to do you receive a letter from one? I arrived on earth over 49 years ago, and received my first one yesterday, from Dan the Mailman. Here is the text below, completely unedited:

“After 21 years of service I will be retiring. I recently found out that my last day of service will be this Friday, the 27th of February. It has been a privilege to serve you.

“Through the years I have seen families come and go. I have watched as little ones used to run out yelling “it's Mr. Dan the Mailman!” And then what would seem to be a blink of an eye, they were off to college or getting married.

“I have witnessed new beginnings as couples turned into families. I have shared your times of sadness when a loved one was lost.

“I have met some of my best friends while delivering the mail and will always feel blessed for that. I will not miss the rain, snow, sleet, snow, or 100 degree days. However, I will miss all of you.

“I hope that you and your loved ones will always be healthy and happy. And again, I thank you for the kindness you have shown me over the years.

“It has been an honor.


Dan the Mailman”


  1. WOW! Pretty impressive. I don't know how your next letter carrier will ever be able to compete with "Dan the Mailman."

  2. I don't think so either... unless she happens to be "Lola the mailwoman!"

  3. Dan the Mailman has been especially kind to our family because we don't always check our mail and our box gets really full. He used to take it back to the post office and one time Myrtle yelled at me and made me cry. So after that when I have neglected to check it he has put it in a bag and left it at our door. His daughter is the gym teacher at my kids school and she told us he was retiring. I asked her what treat could I do for him...So, we left him some Atkins protien bars. When he stopped to thank us, he let me know not to let Mrytle bulley me when our box gets to full and the new mailperson takes it back to the post office. I have never even known our mailman's name until we moved to this neighborhood!