Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Mormon Third Eye Ball Christmas Giveaway Spectacular!

Before I forget... Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas from the Mormon Third Eye! Christmas is the season for giving, and I'm giving away eyeballs! Not your regular run-of-mill, hidden behind mysteriously cool sunglasses or dolled up with a ton of face paint eyeballs, but real squishy, life-like (but don't worry, they aren't real!) eyeballs! No doubt these squishy eyeballs, when used for their intended purpose (what do YOU think would be appropriate?) will aid the owner in seeing more of life as the Mormon Third Eye sees it. I'm not promising anything... I'm just saying...

How does one obtain a real Mormon Third Eyeball? It's extremely easy. Every reader who posts a comment on this blog in December that makes it through the censors is a winner!

Double-dog dare me? Do you think I'm kidding? Try me! I've saved my most controversial, witty, and humble essays for December. Deposit your comment in response to one (or more) of them, and wait for your eyeball to arrive!

See you (get it? See you? via a brand new squishy eyeball?) in December!

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