Friday, November 21, 2008

I See... an Historical Presidency

About three weeks ago, all of us were either spectators or participants in one of the most noted historical changes occurring in the 21st Century. After countless decades of struggle for recognition and approval, a repressed minority has risen up to claim a treasured stake in the American melting pot. In a season of tolerance and diversity, the people have spoken and chosen comrade Barack Obama, the first Socialist President of the United States of America.

A socialist president is the realization of a dream that began over 150 years ago when German socialist laborers first immigrated to America in 1848. The dream was kept alive by FDR's New Deal, a response to the Depression that gripped our great nation in the late 1920's and throughout the next decade. Lyndon B. Johnson's presidential reign of economic terror in the 1960's, with his quest to construct the next great welfare society, was another noteworthy attempt to bless the lives of free Americans with the shackles of socialism. In fact, I'm certain that if wasn't for the inspired leadership of Ronald Reagan, who reintroduced the country to the concept that the invisible hand of free market capitalism rewards prosperity to those willing to work for it, we would have had a socialist president much sooner.

Our current economic troubles, however, revived the hope for a socialist President that would save us from the penalties of prosperity and redistribute wealth through tax rebates for those who pay no taxes. American Socialists wearing morality masks have been clamoring for universal health care that would fairly provide sub-standard medical care and treat all citizens, sick or well, as equals.

The great of day change has come. All the change that progressive socialists have been seeking, our change, is now available to them. They are taking my change to buy shares of failing banks and I may end up financing part of the next new car you buy. Barack Obama, the first Socialist president of the 21st century, will make sure that I, as a patriotic taxpayer, will be forced to own a piece of the socialist dream via his wealth redistribution policies.

BTW, I also heard that Obama is African-American... Cool! I didn't know that... I haven't been paying much attention to the color of his skin. When it comes to politics, I have a definitive handicap- I'm color blind.

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