Friday, December 21, 2007

I See… Angels on my Shoulders

Thank heavens that there are spirits on the other side of the veil that look out for people who can’t seem to take care themselves. People like me. If readers knew how many times I had cheated death or serious injury, they would be taking out life insurance policies on me as a get-rich quick scheme. Last week I had one of those episodes. One minute I was leisurely driving home from work on the roads of the People’s Republic of Maryland; suddenly, a minivan appeared out of nowhere and rammed into the door next to me. I walked away with only a totaled car and a bruised rib and psyche. Any logical observer viewing the damage could draw only one conclusion: there were “angels on my shoulders,” as Deon has had to describe it too many times, making sure there is just the right amount of safe space between me and permanent injury. Now if only angels could pay my insurance premiums…


  1. At least it was a minivan and not the aforementioned BUS! Yikes! I'm glad you are okay!

    Sure does bring back memories of bad accident I was in last October. How did the driver of the minivan make out?

    You know I still remember that old 1910 Toyota/Honda stick shift orange monster you and Deon had when I would babysit Bryan. I secretly feared for my life in that car!

  2. Gee, now, I wonder if Amy feared for her life because of the CAR or because of the DRIVER??? Hmmm.....