Saturday, August 27, 2016

I See... A Beautiful Day

The network was down.
My boss yelled at me.
I lost my password.
The doctor told me that my painful swollen left finger is full of “bone shards.”
The lawn mower quit working halfway across the lawn.
I forgot to take out the trash.
I'm behind at work and with seminary preparation.
I've been shut out of the database.
Traffic was terrible.
We had to pay for two, yes two new HVAC systems for the house.
It's 95 degrees and 90 percent humidity outside.
I enjoyed the privilege of rocking my two-week old granddaughter to sleep at the end of the day. She actually smiled at me! I know its probably just gas, because cognitively newborns don't know how to smile until they're at least two months old. But still...

What a beautiful day!  

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