Sunday, March 6, 2016

I See... My First Heart Attack!

I missed my regular Sunday blogpost last week, but I have a real good reason- I suffered a heart attack.

Many people never forget the time and place of significant events in their lives. When and where they were married, discovered all-you-can-eat buffets, hit a cow with their car, etc., The men in my family enjoy a generational history of heart problems, so I knew it was coming; nevertheless I wasn't expecting it in the time and place it occurred- early Monday seminary morning.

Two Monday mornings ago I arrived at the seminary room at approximately 5:45 am, as I do most mornings, to make sure the room and the environment is prepared to receive 22 sleepy students seeking spiritual nourishment. As I opened the door and flicked on the lights, I saw an army of miniature hand-cut hearts placed lovingly on the desks loaded with words of praise and encouragement. On the chalkboard someone had written “ Bro. Tait – I aspire to have the spirit with me as much as you have it with you.”

Our whole class had suffered a heart attack! Somehow we survived but certainly a memory was made. I wouldn't mind having another one!

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