Sunday, February 7, 2016

I See... Hero Worship

As Latter-day Saints we are warned against hero worship.  No matter how marvelous and mighty our accomplishments may be, or how many lives we may save in the operating room, on the battlefield, or in the bishop's office, the most noble course of action is to rightly assign the glory to God.  The scriptures are replete with stories of joy and tragedy when prophets and leaders chose to either identify the Savior as their source of strength or highlight their own superior skills.  
However, what do you do with the letter cut and pasted below? A close friend of mine showed me the text of this email he received from his young adult daughter away from home at college:

“Dear Dad,
I wanted to let you know just how much I look up to you. How much your faith and example means in my life. To put it simply you are my hero. You where there in my darkest hours. Telling me to have hope in a future I could not see. Your strength gave me strength and without your kind words of encouragement I would not be where I am. Thank you for seeing the bigger picture. I know that I can and will be happy because of you. To hear the stories of how you prayed for me when I was hurting and far away gives me comfort even though you are not here. You have scared off the monsters in my closest and helped me to fight the ones in my mind and heart. You're my big teddy bear and my dad. You are always there when I need you. I know how busy you can be and I often don't express how much you mean to me but I'm glad you're my dad. Again you are my hero and I want nothing more than to find someone like you to spend my life with. Mom is lucky to have you and I am privileged to have you for a dad.”

You do what prophets and apostles and parents have done since the beginning of time- thank God.

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