Sunday, November 8, 2015

I See... The Best Life of my Days

We are all used to using the stock phrase “the best days of my life” to accurately describe a specific time period of our mortal journey here action-packed with events or circumstances that bring great joy and satisfaction. Perhaps it could be when we are young and in love, or old and in love. Or maybe it could reference the days we are raising our babies and grandbabies. They all count.

But the Mormon Third Eye sees things differently. While our Heavenly Father is the ultimate author of all these joys, I'm not sure he wants us to focus too much on them at the expense of more pressing eternal needs. We are taught that earth life could be the most important sliver in the long march of eternity. In light of this fundamental truth, perhaps we should be working more on compiling “the best life of our days;” receiving the ordinances and freely accepting and keeping the covenants that render our life here the pathway to eternity.

Think about it. Are you having the “Best Life of Your Days?”

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