Sunday, September 27, 2015

I See... Where in Utah is the Mormon Third Eye?

To celebrate my 425th Sunday blogpost on Conference Sunday next week, The Mormon Third Eye is launching an exciting contest with the most massive prize package ever offered in the history of the Mormon Third Eye: “Where in Utah is the Mormon Third Eye?”

Here is how it works. Sometime during the 29 September- 4 October timeframe, the Mormon Third Eye will be spending six days traveling incognito throughout the great state of Utah: two days on University of Utah campus, 

Image result for university of utah

two days on BYU campus, and 

two days attending General Conference. 

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 The first person not related to me (sorry, but family members have been declared ineligible) who walks up to me and asks “aren't you the Mormon Third Eye instantly wins this amazing prize package:

1 autographed Book of Mormon;

Image result for book of mormon lds

all the chocolate you can eat in 10 seconds; and

Image result for Hersheys chocolate bar
complete access to the entire collection of over eight years of MTE blogposts!

Good luck, and may the best human win!  

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  1. Makes me want to go to the U, the Y and conference just for the chance! I'm guessing MTE won't pay my airfare--although I'm a senior citizen and fly cheap.