Sunday, April 12, 2015

I See… Goin’ Drinkin’

Discriminating readers should have never expected this headline; however, the Mormon Third Eye rarely conforms to expectations. After 55+ years of being “dry” I’ve decided to go drinking with my buddies. Since most of my buddies are likely to be fellow Mormons, including seminary class characters, initially this decision may appear to be wildly shortsighted and misguided. The key is what, where, and with whom.

I have learned via various vocational after-hours social functions where liquor flows freely that seemingly measured and mainstream coworkers magically loosen up and become exponentially engaging after only a few drops of alcohol. I’d liked to think that the elixir unlocks their inner interesting self trapped under layers of lifestyle bureaucracy, but the empirical observer in me is tempted to conclude that it is merely the liquor talking.

However, my LDS crew of all ages, which encompasses the range of young nursery stars to seasoned temple workers, tends to be naturally entertaining without the assistance of alcohol. Where can I meet them for a tall glass of fun spiked with small doses of morality?  I’m going to belly up to the bar at the Root Beer Saloon!

Root Beer Saloon

The Root Beer Saloon is a youtube channel  housing a playful, creative collection of film shorts produced by a seminary-aged youth that satisfies my hankering for a heapin' handful of humor much more quickly and thorough than a cold beer ever could.  

What does a superhero do on his day off? You’ll find it here. Ever tried a bottle of bacon-chocolate soda? These guys have. What if you had superheroes in YOUR early morning seminary class? Well, it’s not here yet, but…  

See you there!

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