Sunday, May 18, 2014

I See… A Cliffhanger: the Best Blogpost in the History of the World (so far)

Did that get your attention? I hope so. Next week’s blogpost, more than any other literature appearing on the Mormon Third Eye , is worthy of your time.

Awesome. Stupendous. Epic.  Legen… dary. There are not superlatives super enough to accurately characterize what’s going to happen on this space of Mormon Third Eye real estate next Sunday. At the risk of being too bold, all I can promise is that if you come back next Sunday, you will enjoy the privilege of reading the best blogpost in the history of the world (so far).  Just like the popular prime time television dramas that leave viewers hanging on the last show of season over an eville nemesis who is about to destroy the universe, the only purpose of today’s post is to get you wound up over next week’s post. Next week’s post is just too amazing to blindside unsuspecting readers- you all need to be prepped. Consider yourself warned.

For the sake of whetting the emotional appetites of our more discerning readers while not wasting their valuable time, I can offer a few clues.  First, it deals with a topic making its inaugural appearance on the Mormon Third Eye. Second, it includes young love and endless love; diapers and dandelions, playgrounds and temple grounds. And, most amazing of all, it took 30 years to write.

Stay Tuned!

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