Sunday, February 2, 2014

I See… Gospel Artificial Intelligence (GAI)

I have witnessed waves of technological, socio-cultural, and religious advances during my short  lifetime, from man landing on the moon to the big church’s creatively compassionate yet principled stand on same-sex issues, but I was definitely not prepared for the advent of Gospel Artificial Intelligence (GAI) that has apparently been installed on my Kindle Fire.  Let me explain.

Last week I was logging my home teaching plans via a handy program on my Kindle Fire called “Out of Milk.” It allows the users to make todo lists of actions that need to be accomplished.  When I typed in the acronym “HT” for home teaching on one of the lists, I was pleasantly shocked to see the program auto-correct “HT” to “ :) ”!

Just for the record, I did not “train” the Kindle or the Out of Milk program to auto-correct “HT” to “ :) ”.

So the next deep question is, how did it know?  How did it know that home teaching makes both the bearerand recipient of the visit and message so happy? The only logical explanation for this mystery is that Amazon, a  pioneer in applying  technology-based solutions to customer needs (have you read about Amazon’s recent work in “anticipatory shipping,” where, based on your online shopping profile, they ship products to local distribution centers that they expect you to order in the future?), has created a Gospel Artificial Intelligence (GAI) application that detects church lingo on your Kindle device and renders the proper emoticon that should be associated with a specific gospel principle represented by that lingo.
So t

I could go on, but looking at my Kindle “todo” list, I need to study the :) message for

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