Sunday, December 1, 2013

I See… What is Real

Modern living, especially our entertainment options, paint fantastic pictures of reality that surround and assault all our senses. Endless imaginations of mankind married with unbelievable improvements in computer-generated simulations offer us time-travelling aliens, alternate dimensions, extraterrestrial superheroes, and sensory-rich accounts of cataclysmic natural disasters that challenge the definition of reality.

Yet, I have not encountered a computer-generated experience designed by imagination that can accurately convey the reality of the burden of guilt lifted from the repentant soul by the Atonement, the depth of true love shared by temporarily-separated but eternally-sealed spouses, or the pure gratitude that new parents hold for God trusting them with even newer chipmunk-cheeked baby girls and boys. Some well-meaning chick-flicks and church films make valiant efforts, but let’s face it- they’re not the real thing.

Why is that?  Some things you just have to experience for yourself.  The hope is that thoroughly rich and seemingly believable manufactured reality does not overwhelm genuine joy generated by love of God, family, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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