Sunday, March 31, 2013

I See… Making History

In the world of words, there are two ways to “make history.”  The traditional definition refers to implementing an event so important that the memory of it will linger in the hearts and minds of men long after the moment is gone.  However, regular MTE readers shun the traditional in favor of alternative explanations, and ironically, in today’s mostly alternative world, the traditional IS the alternative. Confused yet? Hang on.  I’ll clear this up by the end of this post.

To the Lord, every event that occurs every second of every day in every life is important. Hence, in his eyes, we make history simply by living. We chose to make history in the pre-earth life when we chose to support our Elder Brother’s choice to be our Savior and Redeemer as part of our Heavenly Father’s great plan of happiness for us.

What common culture remembers now becomes history. Traditionally, we tend to remember the popular and famous but not what is important to the Lord.   How do we account, then, for the history being made by the History Channel’s production and airing of the 10-part miniseries, “The Bible”?

The series, with the final installment being broadcast this Easter evening, has been breaking all sorts of viewership records for cable TV and surprising modern media moguls.  Series producers and actors/actresses are appearing on daytime talk shows, and their glossy interviewers appear puzzled and confused by its popularity. After all, there are no car chases, aliens, zombies, steamy sex scenes, or bloody decapitated bodies!  It’s just the Bible!  What’s the draw?

I suspect that history is being made here because we have stumbled on a rare instance where mass entertainment media is reflecting the peoples’ moral compass instead of trying to shape it.  This must be disheartening to the adversary but encouraging to the Lord.  The hidden majority of Christians who rely on Christ daily for life and salvation are now a popular media demographic.  The alternative has become mainstream.  The Bible has its own share of special effects-worthy moments that entertain, but the serious believer yearns to be inspired.  Whether you will be entertained or inspired will be a part of your own history.

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