Saturday, May 12, 2012

I See… File Cabinets and Superheroes

On this day, Mother’s Day, most members of Mormon families will see meaningful bouquets of flowers, breakfasts in bed, and stories of sons of Helaman infused with righteous fury obtained at the knees of their moms.  The Mormon Third Eye, however, sees something radically different but just as significant: file cabinets and superheroes.

When my wife was interrogated about her perfect Mother’s Day, she responded romantically with “ I want a new file cabinet… and I want to go see The Avengers movie.” At first both of us were puzzled.  We had to dig deep into her inner natural mother psyche to properly analyze and understand why.  And we did.

The file cabinet will hold, among other things,  a large collection of mushy childhood memorabilia; old photos, report cards, primary drawings, corny mother’s day cards, cub scouts patches, and achievement day craft projects belonging to our two grown kids while they were still growing; all the sentimental, gooey, yet immensely important evidence that only the most meaningful memories of motherhood should survive. Everything a grown mom needs to relive magic Mother’s days of yesteryear will be conveniently stored in the file cabinet.

Mysterious unexplainable urges to see superheroes in action, like those who save the world in The Avengers, subconsciously resurrects remembrances of preschool freedom  fighters racing through the hallways of our home defending the family from eville.  Armed with only homemade capes and wooden spoon swords lodged into the sides of swollen diapers, they kept at bay imaginary invading Lamanites as well as worldly, corruptive influences,  maintaining the innocence of childhood hope that good always wins in the end.

So, today, in our house, we will be talking about file cabinets and superheroes.  And we will have a Happy Mother’s Day.  

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