Saturday, March 3, 2012

I See... the Strength of Peer Pressure

Some time ago in a sacrament meeting far, far, away, a nervous young teacher gave an excellent talk on peer pressure. I remember it well. Why? Was it the quotes from modern-day prophets and apostles about standing strong in the face of overwhelming pressure to bully others or view inappropriate media? The riveting stories of real youth in real situations making real decisions to keep the faith? The encouragement to seek strength in prayer to endure the loneliness of righteousness? His heartfelt closing testimony on the blessings that come to those who courageously choose the right when wrong would be much more popular and convenient?

Sadly, it was none of the above. Actually, it was his unique pronunciation. Not only was he inspired, he was also extremely nervous, and so every reference to peer pressure tumbled out of his mouth as “pure pressure.” There were a few scattered chuckles from the congregation, and at first I felt bad for him. However, the Mormon Third Eye detected no errors. Peer pressure IS pure pressure, and whether he knew it or not, this young man made his point in style. Recognizing peer pressure for what it really is, “pure pressure,” provides us courage and strength to ignore it and move on to bigger and better things.

So, now do we need to prepare LDS youth to deal with “pure pressure”?

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