Saturday, November 5, 2011

I See... What Real Men at BYU Really Do

What defines a real BYU man, aside from a returned missionary who marries for eternity the girl he home taught for three months and acquires the degree he needs to earn a living for his family? Initially I thought BYU football players filled the requirements; masses of holy consecrated bodies sparked by manly hormones to crush players on the opposing team into oblivion. Then, in light of the basketball team's successful run, during this last season of BYU sports I became convinced real men played on and cheered for our almost undefeated basketball team that introduced to the world a new sports verb, “to Jimmer.”

Now, however, I am certain that real men at BYU don't throw touchdown passes or sink incredibly long three-point shots. They sing. They sing really good and impress millions of TV viewers with the power and presence of their performances. The clean-cut boys of Vocal Point are introducing to the world a whole new paradigm of what it means to be a man.

So, for all testosterone-laden lads who read the Mormon Third Eye, I implore to step away from the sports page for moment and swap out your Jimmer jersey for a bright funky light sport coat and a trendy thin tie. Google “Vocal Point” and prepare to watch how real men from BYU sing to please their fans, “The Sing-off” judges, and their God.

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