Sunday, August 29, 2010

I See... the Right Priorities of Family and Faith

The Mormon Third Eye saw what it could see at the Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC yesterday. It was an inspiring event full of hallowed accounts of heroes in faith, hope, and charity. What the Mormon Third Eye saw, however, were two lasting examples of great, powerful men who, in the midst of their successful lives, had their priorities straight with their family and faith.

The first was the eminent industrialist Jon Hunstman Sr. He was announced as the recipient of the Restoring Honor Charity Merit award for his life-long commitment to philanthropy. I watched the reaction of the thousands of people surrounding me as they explained how he given hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the Huntsman Cancer Institute, and how he planned to die broke, which would involve donating two billion dollars to help those less fortunate. The crowd was awestruck, however, by his commitment to family; first, to the fact that he had nine children, and second, to the announcement that he would not be there at the rally in person to receive his award in front of 500,000+ people because... at that very moment, he was attending a granddaughter's wedding. This great man who knew fame and fortune also knew that family was a higher priority.

The second was rally organizer Glen Beck. He doesn't trumpet from the rooftops that he is an active member of the church, but he does run his life and his massive and influential talk show empire according to gospel values and principles. The Mormon Third Eye, through its intricate network of reliable sources, learned that Beck's “people” were encouraging him to schedule his Restoring Honor event this year on “912,” September 12th, capitalizing on a similar successful downtown DC rally held on September 12th last year. He refused, however, because September 12th this year was on a Sunday. Instead, he decided to hold the rally on 28 August, and deal with rabid criticism that he was taking advantage of Martin Luther King's classic “ I Have a Dream” address delivered at a large rally held at the same location 45 years ago. This faithful Saint risked the success of an event of a lifetime to keep the Sabbath day holy.

Where are our priorities?

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