Sunday, February 28, 2010

I See... The Best Missionary Joke

The Mormon Third Eye specializes in cutting-edge humor that can make you think seriously about yourself for a moment. Ever since the controversial but wildly popular Best Anti-Mormon Joke was posted over two years ago (according to Google Analytics, it is by far the most popular Mormon Third Eye post EVER), the Mormon Third Eye has been scouring the known “humorverse” for another deeply entertaining story that could be construed by those keeping score as an appropriate counterweight. Every truly outstanding joke is like a series of mountainous burps after a great meal- they both provide excellent opportunities to enjoy over and over again the magic of the moment. Missionary Moms, get ready to memorize the following so you can later light the life of your son or daughter with a smile!

Two bold missionaries spent some time with the minister of another faith teaching him about the Book of Mormon. They challenged him with the same invitation extended to millions of God's children every year- “if you read this book and pray about it, God will reveal the truthfulness of it unto you.” To their surprise, the minister accepted the challenge.

One week later, the minister returned to his next meeting with the missionaries and confidently proclaimed, “Elders, I now know for a surety that the Book of Mormon is not the word of God.” The missionaries were both startled and intrigued by his response. He continued- “I asked God, 'if this book is the word of God, strike me down dead right here and now!' well, here I stand before you, alive and well, so I guess your Book of Mormon is not revelation.”

“But sir,” one quick-witted Elder responded, “perhaps the reason why you did not receive the answer you seek is that you didn't pray in faith...”

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