Sunday, December 6, 2009

I See... The Big BYU Victory

Did you see last week's last-minute victory over eternally hated rival University of Utah? So many miracles made that game memorable. Quarterback Max Hall had one of the worst games of his college career, yet still had enough fight left in him on the final play to throw a deceptively easy touchdown pass. Star offensive lineman Matt Reynolds played in pain. No doubt that this game will become a classic in the annals of college football history, and both players will be remembered for years to come for the vital contributions they made to BYU Football's winning tradition.

I fear, however, that parade of exciting moments throughout the game may have overshadowed the truly outstanding achievements of another man on the football field that day: Keith Mason. Who is Keith Mason? He is a regular guy, just like you and me. A regular guy who works on the BYU football chain gang. According the BYU football press notes posted after the game, “long-time chain gang member Keith Mason is retiring following tonight’s game after working 46 years. During that span he has never missed a single BYU game.”

A regular guy who has worked on the chain gang for 46 YEARS. A regular guy who has worked on the chain gang for 46 YEARS AND NEVER MISSED A GAME. EVER.

Last Saturday, the Saturday that BYU pulled out another miracle victory against U of U, was Mr. Mason's last game. I don't know Mr. Mason. I've never met him. However, on behalf of the regular guys of the world, I would like to think that BYU won that last game for him, to celebrate and commemorate his outstanding consistency. I think it then would have been perfectly appropriate for regular fans to rush the field and victoriously hoist him on our shoulders.


  1. I am glad they won for Mr. Mason...even though I like Utah a little more than BYU.

  2. The Constitution guarantees you the right to be wrong; even the right to be a Utah fan without the threat of unlawful recrimination. Isn't this a great country!