Sunday, July 5, 2009

I See... When Free People Do Nothing

“The most ignoble death of all is when freedom dies in its sleep.”

When free people do nothng, freedom dies in its sleep. Doing nothing was the centerpeice of the adversary's irrational plan for the salvation of mankind offered in the council in heaven before the foundations of the world were laid; making choices would be unnecessary. Theonly choice would be the right choice, which is no choice at all. Making right choices from a selection of wrong options brings power and strength to pursue righteousness in the face of challenges and hardship.

The founders of our nation knew that the freedoms secured through the war of Independence could not be maintained by doing nothing. They continually promoted a policy of peace through strength. Back then, it was French, British, and Spanish forces threatening the new America on frontier borders. In the mid-1900's, it was the fascism of Germany and Japan; during the Cold War, it was communism; and today, it is both international terrorism and home-grown socialism being promoted as the answer to the nation's deepening economic woes.

It is time to do something. What will I do? Sometimes the toughest path to walk is when defending freedom requires you to point out problems in your own backyard. I am a firm supporter of Glenn Beck and what he is trying to accomplish- educatiing the free masses to spark a populist, peaceful uprising against irresponsible, socialist policies that promise to bind us to the chains of massive debt. However, lately he has been throwing the baby out with the bathwater and blasting the pay of Federal workers. Constitutional provisions, however, authorize the Federal government to provide for our self-defense, and some of these workers employed by the Department of Defense are being paid to protect and maintain the freedom that permits him to make these misguided claims. I'm going to step up and try and straighten him out with these facts via a polite but direct email/letter.

My little part doesn't compare to patriots who risked their families and fortunes over 200+ years ago to declare independence in Philadelphia, or my 80+ Uncle Johnny, a fighter pilot for the Fighting Tigers during WWII who lost half of his squadron, but it is MY PART.

What will you do to defend freedom today?


  1. My part...I will support my 8 year old son as he chooses to be baptized on this Independence day. I am so grateful for our freedom of religion. Thanks founding fathers! By the way, I like your new banner.