Sunday, March 22, 2009

I See... Why Scripture Study and Prayer Make Life So Exciting

Recently the family and I treated ourselves to a few days at Disneyland. We rode and enjoyed several roller coaster rides during our stay. The thrill of the ride consists of moving rapidly through time and space, with the constant threat of being thrown out of the car or harness by an unexpected twist and turn. Sometimes we can look ahead of the track to find the big upside down loop looming in our immediate future; in this case it is the anticipation in waiting for what comes next that floats our boat. In all cases, however, it is the lowly seatbelt that turns sudden, sure injury into an exciting ride. Sure, you might get yanked around a bit, and even battle motion sickness, but it is that nondescript piece of reinforced cloth strapped across your waist that keeps you safe and permits you to enjoy what you are enduring.

Life is an exciting roller coaster ride jam-packed with ups and downs yanking us around incessantly. Some events, like college and missions for our kids, we can look forward too; others, like lost jobs and sudden illness, may take us by surprise. Daily, meaningful scripture study and prayer are life's seatbelt that let us enjoy today's ride in relative safety.

Recently I had a distant but meaningful friend fall off his gospel roller coaster. He didn't have his study and prayer seatbelt on, and when he went upside down on the anti-Mormon literature loop, he fell out and spiritually died. Could it be that those who constantly remind us to ponder and pray do so because they love us so much, and they don't want us to miss any of the ride by falling away?

So, when your car blows up on the freeway, your brother is ordained a Bishop, your daughter's liver stops working, your son returns from his mission, your fiancee dumps you, all-you-eat shrimp starts up again at Red Lobster, your mom in a nursing home can't remember your name, and your neighbor fixes your computer for free, remember to wear your seatbelt of scripture study and prayer and you'll enjoy the most exciting ride of your life! YOUR LIFE!

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