Sunday, March 16, 2008

I See… The Danger of Dissin’ the Lord’s Servants

The Old Testament is a pretty rough neighborhood. I’m learning that going through seminary lessons with Leslie. You have the plagues of Egypt, scores of Israelites dying from venomous serpent bites when they refused to look upon Moses’ raised staff and live, more Israelites dying because the tried to steady the Ark of the Covenant, etc. The constant moral of this book of scripture is that there are consequences, some of them immediate and terrible, for not obeying the Lord’s counsel. Thank heavens that doesn’t happen in modern times, right?


My son Brian, laboring as a missionary in the white fields of North Carolina among the Hispanic people, shared with us an experience they had on their bikes in a “nice” neighborhood. They spotted a Hispanic gentleman and stopped to chat with him for moment, as missionaries are prone to do. Apparently the man was deeply offended because he wasn’t Hispanic, but ethnically Middle Eastern. he rejected Brian and his companion “hardcore” and treated them harshly, like it was “the worst day of his life.”

The next week they were cycling by this mean man’s house again on the way to somewhere else, as missionaries are prone to do, and noticed that the side and the roof of it were burnt. They were able to look inside and determine that it had been vacated.

So, what happens when you diss the Lord’s servants? Does the Lord still play by Old Testament rules? Hmmm… I wonder… I’m adding two and two here, and getting four… I think the next time the missionaries ask me to drive them around town, and I have to turn them down, I think I’ll do it as nicely as I can, just in case…

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  1. During my mission we had a young seemingly healthy young guy start making fun of us and hazing us as we walked through "his" neighborhood. Next day we walked through the same area and everyone was mourning the same guy that had made fun of us. That night He had suffered a massive heart attack and died. I think there is some truth in what you preach my friend.