Saturday, February 9, 2008

I See… the Blog of All Blogs

Just like the fists of fury Chuck Norris campaigning for Mike Huckabee, and Oprah promoting Barack Obama, once in a lifetime I decide to abuse the starpower of my pen and promote someone other than myself (would Mitt Romney be the frontrunner now if I had posted a stirring CTR (Choose The Romney) tribute last fall? I guess we’ll never know…) Once in a lifetime, you run across a blog that is so clever, so insightful, so inspirational that all other known blogs in the universe, both past, present, and future, melt away into meaningless nothingness. This is that blog:


  1. So, I want to know which 3 years of your marriage were not included in the best 20 years?

    I would most definitely NOT inlcude my first and the first year of law school...but, I have only been married for ten. (ha ha I almost wrote 8 there)

  2. One year of undergraduate studies and two years of grad school... it was all in the first ten, so you are home free.
    Anyone who thinks that Mormons aren't funny haven't worked in the nursery and heard kids talk about their parents...

  3. OK, enough. You got your Valentine's Chocolate so you can take me off your blog now! LOVE you!