Monday, December 10, 2007

I See... The Four Secrets to Successful Living

I have discovered through experience that there are four guidelines for successful living. For some unexplainable reason, they have been kept secret until now; however, in my quest to benefit humanity at large, I am now about to reveal them. I don’t know who has been keeping these secret over the years, and I’m sure that I risk being put on their hit list for revealing the secret, but I believe that their benefit to humanity outweighs my puny existence.

One warning - these are not very spiritual guidelines, but that’s okay, because the spiritual guidelines to successful living are not secret; it should be general knowledge that daily scripture study and prayer, faith in Christ, and Christ-like service is a foolproof recipe for happiness.

My sweet wife Deon has been begging me to permanently post these on the left hand side ever since I started the blog, so that’s where you’ll have to go to read them!

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  1. OK, Honey... "BEGGING" you is quite a strong word for this....